DIN 603 Bolts Are Widely Used

I believe that everyone will see a variety of bolts in their daily lives, from the bolts on the frame to the bolts on the rocket plane, so we can find that the bolts are everywhere in our lives, bolts Basically it has covered our lives.

Then there are many kinds of bolts, and one of the DIN 603 bolts is also widely used by everyone. What are the characteristics of DIN 603 bolts? Let the bolt manufacturer tell you in detail.

The use of DIN 603 bolts is very extensive. For example, stainless steel plates, engineering installations, metal steel plates and galvanized steel plates that we usually see are also applied to DIN 603 bolts. Then some general angle steel or channel steel and iron plates are combined with other metal materials to install DIN 603 bolts.

Since the DIN 603 bolt is used so widely, you must be wondering what it has. First of all, DIN 603 bolt drilling and tapping, its bonding force is very strong, can be completed once locked. In this way, you can save your construction time and greatly improve your work efficiency, so many factories use DIN 603 bolts.

Of course, to use DIN 603 bolts should also pay attention to its own quality, remember not to buy some inferior bolts for cheap, because this will cause a lot of safety hazards.

Reasons For Poor Quality Of DIN 603 Bolt Products

DIN 603 bolt raw materials and related technologies are lagging behind. An important reason for the poor quality of DIN 603 bolt products is the poor quality of raw materials and the backwardness of related technologies. For example, cold heading steel wire cold heading steel is mainly used to manufacture fasteners such as bolts, nuts, rivets and bolts. Its chemical composition and metallographic arrangement are relatively high. Now the annual demand for cold heading steel is about 1 million tons. In the meantime, the automobile industry demanded 100,000 tons. However, due to technical reasons, the domestically produced cold-rolled steel wire only needs 300,000 tons, and imports nearly 700,000 tons per year.

The DIN 603 bolt process and process equipment are of low level, and the DIN 603 bolts do not guarantee the consistency of product quality. The mechanical basic parts are generally batch and many products, and there are also many kinds of products and processing precision requirements. Therefore, the production process and equipment are required to be high and the capital is large. Foreign countries have chosen high-efficiency and high-precision special planes, production lines or flexible lines, and have completed high-efficiency automated production.

DIN 603 bolts are critical to the manufacture and inspection of equipment. Mechanical universal parts have high requirements for standard accuracy, functional reliability and interchangeability of each part. DIN 603 bolts only allow very few products to be out of tolerance, and It is checked out before the factory to remove the unqualified products. It is assumed that there is no high-precision and high-efficiency equipment, and it is difficult for the company to live and open in the fierce competition. At present, the key equipment of China’s parts and components production enterprises is mainly relying on imports, because the wear and tear of equipment is large, and the equipment demand is constantly updated and transformed. The imported equipment and spare parts are expensive, and it is necessary to speed up the handling of critical equipment if you want to speed up the operation.

DIN 603 bolt product development speed problem. China’s mechanical parts operations are far behind in terms of technological innovation and new product development, especially for SMEs, which lacks technical strength and talents, short funds and necessary equipment, and less information about technology and technology communication, resulting in long-term tracking. In the imitation stage, there are very few intellectual property rights. Now there are not many researches on the development of DIN 603 bolt products. There are few independent research and development efforts in the enterprise. This is a key issue for the continued development of the operation.

DIN 603 Bolt Surface Treatment

  1. Electroplating of DIN 603bolts

Electroplating of DIN 603 bolts means that the parts of the fastener that need to be electroplated are immersed in a specific aqueous solution, which contains some deposited metal compounds, so that after passing through the aqueous solution by electric current, the metal substances in the solution are deposited and adhered to The immersed portion of the fastener. Plating of DIN 603 bolts generally includes galvanizing, copper, nickel, chrome, copper-nickel alloys, and the like.

  1. Hot dip galvanizing of DIN 603bolts

The hot dip galvanizing of DIN 603 bolts is to immerse the DIN 603 bolt of carbon steel into the bath of molten zinc with a heat of about 510 ° C, so that the iron-zinc alloy on the surface of the DIN 603 bolt will be converted into passivated zinc. Get a surface treatment effect. Hot dip galvanizing of DIN 603 bolts is more expensive than electroplating.

  1. Mechanical plating of DIN 603bolts

Mechanical plating of DIN 603 bolts refers to the impact of the surface of the fastener by a specific physical and chemical means, with the powder of the coated metal, so that the coated metal forms a coating on the surface of the fastener to form a surface. Processing effect. Mechanical plating of DIN 603 bolts is mainly suitable for spare parts such as screws, nuts and gaskets.

The surface treatment of DIN 603 bolts, the main purpose is to make the fastener itself corrosion-resistant to increase the reliability and adaptability of DIN 603 bolts. Therefore, the quality judgment of DIN 603 bolt surface treatment is more important. Whether the corrosion resistance of the DIN 603 bolt is effectively increased and the magnitude of the increase meets the expected requirements.

DIN 603 Products Choose Yihui

Haiyan Yihui Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. DIN 603 complies with German national standards. We have professional, rigorous manufacturing specifications, thin and thick lines, attribute grades 8.8 and 10.9, as well as regular and zinc transparent tri-valent finishes. At the same time, we will also provide a variety of value-added services, including custom plating, drilling and slotting rework, the number of damaged boxes, matching and packaging, and brand down transportation.

Metric products are required for a variety of projects and industries, including heavy equipment, agriculture, heavy trucks, and more. As the global economy shifts toward metrics, the demand for metric products becomes more acute.

Choosing DIN 603 products of Haiyan Yihui Hardware Technology Co., Ltd., we strictly abide by the production standards and bring high quality products to our customers. I believe that choosing our products will not let you down, will bring you Come to a quality experience.

Yihui DIN 603 Bolt Is A Good Choice

The corrosion resistance of fasteners is very important. Sometimes fasteners require a special coating. Zinc is currently the most commonly used coating. It provides reasonable corrosion resistance at a reasonable price. Hot dip galvanized coatings provide a greater degree of resistance and are typically used for exposure to high humidity and/or salt, such as in coastal areas. Due to the thickness of the coating, the galvanized nut must be too large. This means that unplated or galvanized nuts cannot work on galvanized bolts. PTFE or PFA Teflon is a special coating commonly used in areas where chemical resistance is required. Fasteners coated with Teflon have higher operating temperatures, lower coefficient of friction, good wear resistance and good chemical resistance. This coating is typically used where dry lubricants, low friction or corrosion resistant coatings are required. It is very important to select fasteners based on the widest corrosion resistance produced by building materials.

The level of vibration and heat (or cooling) that the fastener will expose is an important consideration in choice. In high vibration areas, it may be necessary to use the main torque lock nut. These nuts help prevent loose fasteners. Extreme changes in temperature can cause the fastening joint to expand and contract. This movement in the joint is sufficient to cause the connection to loosen.

If the equipment or pipe or flange to which you select the fastener has fastener specifications, this specification should always be followed. Otherwise, you need to know the parameters of the application and select the fasteners accordingly.

By enabling a wide range of knowledge and application expertise to help you, you can greatly reduce the difficulty of choosing the right fastener. The surge in online suppliers, the low cost of manufacturing countries, and even the true potential of counterfeit materials, have established close relationships with suppliers you know and trust. It is this relationship that you need a special fastener, because the factory is shut down, you can rely on this relationship at three in the morning. Choosing the right supplier is just as important as choosing the right materials and fasteners. Make sure your suppliers are experienced, known for quality materials, and respond to your needs in a timely manner.

There are many suppliers of bolts and fasteners on the market. Haiyan Yihui Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is a very good choice for you. We have a variety of precise product production standards. DIN 603 has been used for its durability and precision. Our customers love and praise. Our other series of products are also worth choosing. We welcome customers who are interested to come and choose us.