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First of all, from the development and production of hexagon bolts to the tolerability test, each step needs to be strictly controlled. At the same time, the tolerance test is also known as “strict”. Take the tolerability test as an example, the products should be thoroughly tested in high temperature, high heat and high humidity environment. Only the instruments that pass the test at each link can ensure “dynamic” and reliable accuracy.

Second, we must ensure the high quality and reliability of the raw materials and components of the measuring instruments. In order to do this, it is often necessary to stick to the best materials. By selecting internationally renowned lens suppliers to ensure good distance adaptability, the same distance coefficient ratio is higher than the industry average; high-grade substrates are used to reduce environmental (such as humidity) interference and electromagnetic interference; The mechanical structure of the external metal, plastic shell and other special mechanical design to prevent dust and dust, protect the internal structure and so on. High quality means high reliability and high reliability to minimize the impact of environmental hot and cold changes on the instrument.

Of course, accurate testing must follow a uniform standard and be publicly recognized and market recognized. Metrology and calibration products are widely used in calibration laboratories around the world, including national metrology agencies. These organizations need to provide strong technical support, requiring the highest level of precision, performance and reliability.

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316 material is resistant to chemical corrosion, pitting resistance and seawater corrosion resistance compared to 304M and 304HC. The main chemical composition has a certain relationship with the performance of stainless steel.

  1. Requirements for the mechanical properties of the body bolt material, especially the strength;
  2. Requirements for the corrosion resistance of materials under working conditions;
  3. The requirements of the working temperature on the heat resistance (high temperature strength and oxidation resistance) of the material;
  4. Requirements for material processing performance in terms of production process;

5, other aspects, such as weight, price, procurement factors must be considered.

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The body bolts are indispensable everywhere in life, the street lights erected on the road, the beautiful billboards at night, the flagpoles standing on the majesty, and the fixing of the body bolts at the bus stop signs. The role of the body bolts must not be despised. How is the body bolt so fierce? Let’s talk about the machining process of the body bolts. The body bolts are machined to the lathe wire, which requires an average of the thread, and the Carriage Bolt Manufacturer thread length must match the design criteria. The pallets and stiffening anchor plates in the body bolts are usually welded by artificial arc welding. The welds required for welding here are on average full and cannot have any pores and dry tumors. The size of the weld must be determined by the design request. The body bolts are inspected by the data clerk and then submitted to the quality inspectors for further inspection. The acceptance items are mainly to check the specifications and dimensions of the body bolts and the length of the thread buckles to see if it can meet the original design request and wait until the acceptance is passed. It is necessary to stop the archiving work, the archiving work should be registered according to the specification code, and the logo should be attached.


The street lights on the road, the station sign and so on under each steel column have body bolts and the base platform are connected together. In order to ensure the accuracy of the body bolt device, a smooth stop for the steel construction device. Before the construction device, the corresponding positions of the body bolts are fixed by bolt fixing frames. The body bolt fixing frames are made of steel plates of 6 mm and 10 mm thickness and 15 mm thick bamboo veneers. After the erection of the base platform template is completed, the body bolt group is placed into the root bottom according to the relative position, and then the bolt fixing frame and the base scaffold are tightly fixed. The time of the inspection requires the theodolite to correct the position of the body bolt. And welded with a diameter of 14 steel and body bolts into a well-shaped frame, supported on the template. The bottom of the bolt is supported by a 16-diameter steel bar and welded to the base backing reinforcement of the cap. The purpose of this is to prevent the body bolt from moving and not sinking. In the process of concrete pouring, the average and symmetrical feeding should be carried out around the roots, and try to prevent the position of the body bolts from changing due to the unevenness of the blanking. At the time of construction, the inspectors should monitor the position and elevation of the body bolts at any time. If it is found that the position of the body bolts is shifted, the adjustment should be stopped in time.

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The body bolts have the following three different ways to stop the heat treatment: three steels, quenched and tempered steel, spring steel, and carburized steel. The temperatures at which these steels are quenched during heat treatment are different. Then we also know that the selection of low carbon, that is, the alloy steel after quenching to stop the tempering below the low temperature of 250 degrees Celsius.

Today we continue to discuss. The carbon content is higher than that of medium carbon steel. After quenching, the high temperature (five to six hundred and fifty degrees Celsius) tempering (also known as quenching and tempering treatment) is stopped. This process can make the body bolts high. Under the condition of plasticity, sufficient strength is adhered to, so the ordinary steel called this kind of material is called quenched and tempered steel.

If you want the body bolts to achieve high strength, that is, to make the body bolts hard, and rather reduce the plasticity and toughness, the low-temperature tempering treatment of the gold-containing tempering with lower carbon content can obtain the so-called “ultra-high strength”. Steel”.

If the carbon content is between medium carbon and high carbon, such as 60 steel and 70 steel, and some high carbon steel is 80 steel and 90 steel, if these steels are used to make springs, then In order to ensure a high elastic limit, yield limit and fatigue limit, the medium temperature temper after quenching is used to complete the specification.

The body bolt is one of the current mainstream embedded parts. It is mainly used in the construction of the building base. When the body bolt is embedded, it is also required to operate in strict accordance with the pre-rules as the high-strength bolt. Today we mainly talk about the control of the body bolt height.

When we embed the body bolts in the bottom layer of the concrete foundation, when the length of the body bolts and the columns are not much different, the interval between the concrete cushions at the bottom of the bolts becomes very short. This time can be welded at the bottom of the body bolts. Length of steel bars. We need to use the instrument to calculate the length of the body bolt beforehand. This is to confirm the length of the section where the steel bar is taken. Then, after the spot welding of the steel bar, the flattening inspection is carried out. After surely, it is necessary to weld the steel. It is better to put it. Check the bolts after they are placed.

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At present, China is already the world’s largest bolt producer, but it has been facing claims for quality problems. The case of quality problems caused by the quality of steel products is a big part of China. Bolted steel still needs to be expanded under the premise of meeting strict quality standards.

At present, China is already the world’s largest bolt producer, but it has been facing claims for quality problems. The case of quality problems caused by the quality of steel products is a big part of China. Bolted steel still needs to be expanded under the premise of meeting strict quality standards.

In recent years, Chinese bolt companies have been claimed by customers because of the quality of their products. In these cases, it is largely due to the use of bolt steel.

At present, there are roughly 400,000 varieties and bolts of various sizes and sizes at home and abroad. Their use and environment are ever-changing. The bolt acts as the connecting part of the main unit and the component, and together with the mainframe, bears the basic performance of the main body and the basic functions of the component.

With the host, it is tested in a variety of harsh service environments. There are various occasions such as high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, vibration, corrosion, heavy load, alternating stress, anti-shear and anti-torsion. For example, the bolts used in some parts of the spacecraft must withstand the test of high temperature, high pressure and vibration. After entering the track, they must withstand the test of temperature premature change, low temperature and pre-tightening failure under weightless conditions. The probability of an accident or disaster caused by the failure and damage of the bolt is very high. Therefore, the materials used to make the bolts must be strictly selected beforehand. Currently commonly used materials are titanium alloy, steel, copper, aluminum, nylon and other metals, non-metal and other materials.

The steel for bolts (including alloy steel, low alloy steel, carbon steel) has very good ductility and plasticity, which determines its adaptability to various processing techniques, and at the same time has good strength, especially after specific After heat treatment, the expected better overall mechanical properties can be obtained.

Steel (wire or bar) is a finished product for steel mills. It cannot be fully inspected at the time of shipment. Some of them are destructive test items. The factory inspection can only be a sampling test. For bolt manufacturers, it is the raw material for production. When using these materials to make bolts, it is equivalent to 100% inspection of the material. Users of certain specific situations now require bolt manufacturers to provide “zero defect” bolt products. Therefore, in addition to the manufacturer’s strict implementation of the quality control of each process in the production process, the careful and scientific inspection of various quality indicators before leaving the factory, the quality of the selected raw materials is decisive for the final quality of the finished bolts.

Many performance quality indicators for bolts are provided by the parent metal. It is a very large number of commodity bolts that are generally required. Due to the application of advanced technology, such as the application of high-speed cold heading and fully automatic continuous heat treatment production line, the hardness of the raw materials used for cold rolling, the mass fraction of chemical components, and the raw materials. The uniformity of the performance of the bars has higher requirements.

In this regard, in addition to the need to strengthen innovative R&D, domestic Carriage Bolt Manufacturer need to expand their production capacity while ensuring quality.

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What is the scope of use of body bolts now? What is the name of the body bolt? What is the way to body bolts? Let’s analyze and analyze together.

Body bolts alias carriage bolts, semi-circular head square neck bolts! This bolt was produced and used earliest 20 years ago! The original purpose is used for the combination of iron and wood on the carriage, so it is also called the body bolt. Because the head is a semi-circular head, there is a square neck under the head, also called semi-circle. Head square neck bolts, or large round head square neck bolts! The international code for body bolts can be divided into three types, GB14 GB12 GB794, and German standard can be divided into DIN603/Inch American-made, American-made British body bolts. Today’s modern body bolts are widely used in applications such as: electronics manufacturing, machinery and equipment, chemical industry, Valve industry, medical equipment industry, automobile industry, aviation industry, etc.

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