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The body bolts have the following three different ways to stop the heat treatment: three steels, quenched and tempered steel, spring steel, and carburized steel. The temperatures at which these steels are quenched during heat treatment are different. Then we also know that the selection of low carbon, that is, the alloy steel after quenching to stop the tempering below the low temperature of 250 degrees Celsius.

Today we continue to discuss. The carbon content is higher than that of medium carbon steel. After quenching, the high temperature (five to six hundred and fifty degrees Celsius) tempering (also known as quenching and tempering treatment) is stopped. This process can make the body bolts high. Under the condition of plasticity, sufficient strength is adhered to, so the ordinary steel called this kind of material is called quenched and tempered steel.

If you want the body bolts to achieve high strength, that is, to make the body bolts hard, and rather reduce the plasticity and toughness, the low-temperature tempering treatment of the gold-containing tempering with lower carbon content can obtain the so-called “ultra-high strength”. Steel”.

If the carbon content is between medium carbon and high carbon, such as 60 steel and 70 steel, and some high carbon steel is 80 steel and 90 steel, if these steels are used to make springs, then In order to ensure a high elastic limit, yield limit and fatigue limit, the medium temperature temper after quenching is used to complete the specification.

The body bolt is one of the current mainstream embedded parts. It is mainly used in the construction of the building base. When the body bolt is embedded, it is also required to operate in strict accordance with the pre-rules as the high-strength bolt. Today we mainly talk about the control of the body bolt height.

When we embed the body bolts in the bottom layer of the concrete foundation, when the length of the body bolts and the columns are not much different, the interval between the concrete cushions at the bottom of the bolts becomes very short. This time can be welded at the bottom of the body bolts. Length of steel bars. We need to use the instrument to calculate the length of the body bolt beforehand. This is to confirm the length of the section where the steel bar is taken. Then, after the spot welding of the steel bar, the flattening inspection is carried out. After surely, it is necessary to weld the steel. It is better to put it. Check the bolts after they are placed.

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