DIN 603 Bolts More Accurate Installation Method

The DIN 603 bolt is one of the fasteners. It is responsible for the tightening of various constructions and equipment. The DIN 603 bolts are generally attributed to the pre-embedded bolts, which are buried in the lower part of the concrete and serve as the foundation. DIN 603 bolts come in a variety of shapes, some in the shape of an L, and some in the shape of an Arabic numeral nine. Different shapes of DIN 603 bolts also have different centers, of course, there are very different centers. The slim center is the same as the DIN 603 bolts, which are used to grasp the precision round surface, different structures and different constructions of different equipment.

Firstly, the scale should be accurately controlled, and the person who has been fixed must be fixed. Secondly, the fixing mold can be made according to the buried size of the bolt to ensure that the relative orientation of the bolt is not offset; then, when the concrete is poured, the instrument is used. Control the height of the bolt and the detailed distance from the axis and adjust it at any time during the casting process to ensure its accuracy.

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