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What is the scope of use of body bolts now? What is the name of the body bolt? What is the way to body bolts? Let’s analyze and analyze together.

Body bolts alias carriage bolts, semi-circular head square neck bolts! This bolt was produced and used earliest 20 years ago! The original purpose is used for the combination of iron and wood on the carriage, so it is also called the body bolt. Because the head is a semi-circular head, there is a square neck under the head, also called semi-circle. Head square neck bolts, or large round head square neck bolts! The international code for body bolts can be divided into three types, GB14 GB12 GB794, and German standard can be divided into DIN603/Inch American-made, American-made British body bolts. Today’s modern body bolts are widely used in applications such as: electronics manufacturing, machinery and equipment, chemical industry, Valve industry, medical equipment industry, automobile industry, aviation industry, etc.

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